Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Barclay Brown Artistry
Barclay Brown Artistry
Barclay Brown
Barclay Brown


 The visual arts can transform the energy in everyone! We all have a connection to our environment.  Capturing that special image on canvas captures a memory that lasts forever. There's much to see here.  Take your time and look around. I hope you enjoy the site and take a moment to drop me a line.

About The Artist

My Background


 I grew up on an apple orchard in Southwestern Ontario.  After secondary school it was off to business school and then a career in sales.  Next stop was diving back into school to study the sciences and a career in occupational hygiene and safety.  I worked in Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia helping many clients.  It was an excellent training ground for what I do now.  Exploring the arts is so fulfilling, its a lifetime of learning and always something new to explore.  I am also an art supply junkie and addict of the discipline. Seeking an avenue of formal training and instruction took me to the door step of Emily Carr University.  I became a sponge, sopping up art instruction under the tutelage of their faculty.   I'm excited to create this site, and share a passion for the creative arts.  I’m always interested in meeting new people and creating great works of art.    

My Medium


 I started my artistry originally using oil paint, and then broke away from it to study acrylic media, drawing and some charcoal mixed media.  I utilize oil paint for most of my pet portraits and acrylic for my abstracts.  Oil paint is such a great medium to work with and so rich in history.  Working with this medium and thinking how so many artists before us have used oils makes me feel that I’m handling a piece of history.  It motivates me to study the old masters, view their works and utilize their techniques in all my work.  It’s like following in the footsteps of so many people who have gone before me, it gives me a sense of belonging to a profession rooted in history.  One purpose of my posted gallery I try to achieve is to show the viewers the diversity in my work.  A diversity of both media and style, I’m constantly working to refine my style.  I have truly enjoyed preparing these galleries for you to view. 

My Inspiration


I enjoy exploring new places in my spare time and much of my art work is directly influenced by what I see around me. I'm inspired very much by the planet and all that it has to offer. There is literally something new to see around each corner.  Big sweeping landscapes can be breath taking but if we look closely at the small things around us we can see uniqueness.  A leaf, and its shape, colour and texture, when examined can harbor great artistic inspiration and new ideas, it's all around us.   I love recreating what I see on canvas and exploring new ways to do so.