Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Barclay Brown Artistry

Pet Portraits

The pet portraits below have been transformed from  photos into hand painted artistic rendition.   I hope you enjoy viewing them and have an opportunity to come to one of my shows to see them in person.  


Landscape Art

The world of art attempts to represent who we are, our ideas and thoughts.  It records the places we have been and where we live. The still life around us and the landscape.  




Our world is transforming all around us. It's a time of change for our entire planet.  Abusive old energy is slowly being replaced with creativity.  These none objective abstract paintings help capture this transformation. They transform from one colour to another; mixing, turning and becoming something new.  Painting is one of the oldest forms of human mark making. It's a form of communication that helps convey ideas.  This is what these abstract paintings are inspired by and what is attempting to be captured during the creative process. Once completed, it's up to the viewer to find their own interpretation. 

Please contact for pricing information. All painting are delivered unframed